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Browse Forms is for VIEWING the application questions. Sub-sections of the application can be expanded/viewed by selecting Yes / No answer to questions within the application. You must create a user account and login to your user home page to complete an application form.
  1. Review the Admission Rules and particularly Rule 14-704 and Rule 14-707 to be sure that you meet ALL the requirements for Admission.

  2. Complete applications are processed in the order that they are received. An application will not be “fast tracked.” An incomplete application will not be accepted. Some fees are non-refundable.

  3. All applicants MUST be approved by the Character and Fitness Committee before they will be admitted.

  4. For your application to be properly filed, you must:
    1. submit this application online,
    2. submit the Character & Fitness Questionnaire online,
    3. upload ALL necessary documentation,
    4. pay the filing fee.

  5. Your application is not submitted until you click on the green "Submit" button on the User Home Page. Please confirm that you have submitted your application by checking Application Information on your User Home Page. Application Status should be "Submitted"

  6. You are required to maintain a current email address and mailing address. School email addresses are discouraged since the applicant may not have access to it after graduation.

  7. You are required to amend your application and Character and Fitness Questionnaire within 10 days of any change to the information provided. This requirement remains in effect until you are admitted or withdraw. To amend your application, go to your User Home Page and select "Amend Application." Click on Character & Fitness Questionnaire under Forms & Progress, edit as needed, and click on “Submit Addendum” on the User Home Page.

  8. Part of determining the applicant's character and fitness to practice law is whether the applicant accurately follows instructions and timely submits both a complete Character & Fitness Questionnaire and Application, and whether the applicant timely submits all required documentation. Failure to disclose may result in your application NOT being accepted, or you may be required to attend a hearing with a panel of Character and Fitness Committee members.
I certify that I have read the above information.