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Browse Forms is for VIEWING the application questions. Sub-sections of the application can be expanded/viewed by selecting Yes / No answer to questions within the application. You must create a user account and login to your user home page to complete an application form.
I have read and understood this application and have carefully reviewed my answers to ensure their truth and completeness.
I am able to certify under oath that the information contained in this application is true and complete.
In accordance with Rule 14-720 of the Rules Governing Admission the Utah State Bar may release or disclose the following:

1) Records pertaining to me as authorized by me in writing for release to others;
2) My identification information to the National Conference of Bar Examiners;
3) My name as an Applicant for admission to the Utah State Bar or as an individual eligible for admission to the Utah State Bar;
4) My Bar Examination results to the law school from which I graduated;
5) Any necessary information to the Board and the Bar's employees, committees and their agents in connection with the performance and with the scope of their duties.

I read and understand Rule 14-720 of the Rules Governing Admission to the Utah State Bar.

I attest that I have uploaded the following documents to my application homepage.

- Applicant Verification and Acknowledgment (signed in pen and notarized less than 60 days before submitting the application).
- Authorization and Release (signed in pen and notarized less than 60 days before submitting the application).
I attest that I will promptly respond to the NCBE's request for a Character and Fitness Report (Report) after submitting this application.
I understand that my application will not be processed unless and until I complete the request for a Report from the NCBE.
I acknowledge that any delays in processing my application due to my failure to timely complete a request for a report could result in my application being held in abeyance for failure to receive approval from the Character & Fitness Committee.
I understand that if my application to take the Bar Exam is held in abeyance for the reasons described above, my application will be transferred to the next scheduled exam period.