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Utah Bar Admissions

UTAH STATE BAR Bar Operations & Admissions

Limited Admission

Applicants for limited admission complete the same character and fitness application process as other applicants, but they do not have to sit for the Bar Examination. Below are limited licenses available in Utah:


House Counsel admission is governed by Rule 14-719. An attorney with a house counsel license is limited may only provide legal representation as it relates to the business of the attorney’s employer. The license does not permit the attorney to represent the employer in court. To be eligible for this license, the attorney’s employer cannot be a government entity or a business whose activities consist of the practice of law or the provision of legal services


The admission of Foreign Legal Consultants is governed by Rule 14-718. An attorney with a Foreign Legal Consultant license may only provide legal services respecting the law of a foreign country where the attorney is fully admitted to practice.


Military Spouse admission is governed by Rule 14-805. An attorney with a military spouse license is only limited in that his or her eligibility to practice in Utah under the license will terminate once the attorney’s spouse no longer has military orders stationing the spouse in Utah. In a small number of cases, there may also be supervisory requirements with which the attorney must comply.


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