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About the LPP Licensing Exam

The LPP Program has not yet been moved to this website. Please go to the current Utah State Bar's LPP website.

The Utah Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Examination is administered on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of March and August each year. It is held at the Utah State Bar at 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Please note that the duration of the exam directly corresponds to the number of subjects for which each candidate is seeking licensure. Applicants taking the mandatory ethics examination and 1-2 subjects may be able to complete their LPP exam in one day. Applicants seeking licensure in all 3 practice areas will take the exam over the course of two days.

Applicants are required to take the LPP exam using Examsoft© test software. Examinees must pay a laptop fee of $52.50. Applicants will receive installation and registration instructions from Examsoft© a few weeks prior to the exam. On test day, applicants are required to bring picture identification and their laptop computers with accompanying power cords. An additional list of permitted and prohibited items will be sent to applicants the week prior to the exam.

The full LPP Examination consists of a mandatory Ethics section (50 multiple choice questions) and three practice areas. Each practice area consists of the following subsections: 1) multiple choice questions; 2) essay; and 3) a practical section.

  • The multiple-choice section tests the applicant's knowledge of the practice area by posing hypotheticals and analyzing the applicant's mastery over applicable law;
  • The essay question presents applicants with a fact pattern (similar to a case they would receive in practice) paired with 1-3 accompanying questions, demonstrating the applicant's ability to spot relevant legal issues and apply them to the facts presented;
  • The practical section presents applicants with a fact pattern (similar to a case they would receive in practice) and asks the applicant to complete 1-2 relevant practical “forms” based on the information provided. This section of the exam tests the applicant's mastery over the forms common to litigation in the practice area.

The hours of the exam will be emailed to the applicant prior to the exam and are subject to change.