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Utah Bar Admissions

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LPP Examination Results

The LPP Program has not yet been moved to this website. Please go to the Utah State Bar's LPP website.


Applicants can expect examination results 3 to 4 weeks after taking the examination. Successful applicants will then receive communication from the Bar's licensing department regarding paying the applicable admissions fees and being placed on the next available motion for admission. See Rule 15-716.

Please note that admitted applicants who successfully passed the LPP licensing exam but are pending the results of a national paralegal certification will NOT be sworn in and licensed as an LPP until they submit proof of successful passage of the certification. See Rule 157-707.

Unsuccessful applicants may fill out the “Reapplication for Licensure” form to enroll for the next available exam administration.

Test Preparation

At this stage, there are no commercial test preparation materials available for the LPP examination. Prospective LPPs may contact the Bar for study guides previously furnished by LPPs.