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Utah Bar Admissions

UTAH STATE BAR Bar Operations & Admissions

Overview of Application and Admission Process

In order to process your application, the Bar needs:

(1) a copy of the motion that you will be filing with the court;

(2) the original signed application;

(3) the original certificate(s) of good standing (issued within 60 days of the date of application); and

(4) a payment in the proper amount ($425.00 per applicant, per case) via credit card or ACH. Fee exemptions are available for certain limited circumstances. 

If your documents are in proper order (e.g., correct amount of fee, applicant not suspended from the practice of law, etc.) and complete, the Bar will issue an Acknowledgement, which will be emailed to local sponsoring counsel unless otherwise requested.

Sponsoring Local Counsel should then file with the court (or adjudicative body):

(1) an original motion with attached copies of the application (a copy, not the original form) and certificate of good standing (a copy, not the original);

(2) the original Acknowledgement; and

(3) an original proposed order.